Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Looking at Christianity From the Other End of the Timeline

When we look back down the timeline of Christianity to the period in which Jesus lived, an inch on the timeline can cover centuries.  The importance of many of the events that took place during that inch are unknown today, along with the people that lived in that inch. This is a reality that every genealogist comes to understand very quickly. We also learn another very important truth – every one of the people in my line of ancestors had to live for me to exist. It took them all to create my DNA.

But, there is more to each of us than a collection of genes that made their way across time to become our part of our DNA – our beliefs were also making their way across time to become part of our Belief Systems.  Genes and beliefs both affect how we understand, view and understand our world and the things that happen in it. Until we learn about the journeys of our genes and beliefs, we live our lives completely unaware of their origins and roles. Read the complete blog at -- http://fromonejesus.blogspot.com/2013/11/looking-at-christianity-from-other-end.html

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