Thursday, December 12, 2019

Creating Evil, Facing Yahweh Afterwards, and Going to Work!

In the last episode of the story of the Garden in Eden, Adam and Eve didn’t have a chance when they faced a “weaponized meme attack” by a snake Yahweh created and Adam named. The snake had existed and known Adam longer than Eve. As we saw, the ancient author announced the encounter with the snake as:

Humans vs. Wild Animal!
Which will be the most Subtle, Shrewd, Clever, Crafty or Cunning?

● In order for Adam and Eve to win they must work together in harmony as Co-Shepherds protecting each other’s lives.

● For the snake to win, it must persuade the humans to believe what it says, instead of what Yahweh commanded.

Will the humans reflect the image of God or the image of an animal?
Will the actions of the humans be TOV or RAH?

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