Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Some Facts You Need to Know About BHC

 In my last email I told you the story about the prayer I prayed forty years ago – and the answer that made absolutely no sense to me. My first impression, after thinking about it later, was “obviously I know how words work I used them every day.” But that answer doesn’t hold water because I use a car, computer, smartphone, refrigerator, etc. every day and have no idea of how they actually work!


Nineteen years after praying that prayer, I co-founded the Biblical Heritage Center (BHC) with Dr. Ike Tennison (University of Texas at Arlington professor that taught courses I took in Classical Greek). This year BHC celebrates its 21st birthday. Below are the facts that have guided BHC since 1999.


1. BHC is an educational institution that teaches people How Words Work and How to Work with Words by applying that knowledge to the words of the Bible by Exploring Biblical Heritages.


2. BHC teaches people how to use the BHC Guideline below to Transform Belief Conflicts into Relationship Building Opportunities:


My Belief System will be

large enough to include all facts,

open enough to be examined and questioned, and

flexible enough to change if errors or new facts are discovered.”


3. BHC raises the awareness of the Biology of Believing -- the roles Subconscious Functions of the Human Brain play in what people consciously perceive.


4. BHC is committed to sharing the Most Accurate and Up-To-Date Information possible to help people make better decisions about what to believe and what to do.


5. BHC is committed to Networking Learners and Explorers together through the Internet, Social Media, Zoom and Local Gatherings.


6. BHC is not a religious institution and has no Statement of Faith.


7. BHC is committed to protecting lives, preserving lives, making lives more functional and increasing the quality of life.


One of the most important things we do is help people see

the actual words that are on the pages of their own Bibles

and discover the meanings of the original Sources.


While writing yesterday’s email I realized that most of the people reading it have never seen the seven statements above all written together. I am always focused on the latest research. Please forgive me for not doing this earlier and on a regular basis. I have redesigned to Home Page of the BHC website so every visitor will be made aware of this information (click here to check it out). Thank you for reading our emails, please share and discuss this information with others.



Jim Myers


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In my last email I told you the story about the prayer I prayed forty years ago – and the answer that made absolutely no sense to me. Twenty-one years ago I co-founded the Biblical Heritage Center. Read the seven fact-based principles facts that guide our work at BHC.

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