Saturday, July 7, 2018

You Shall Come Up From Your Graves and . . . .

If a bunch of formerly dead people walked into Jerusalem today, I promise you it would be breaking news on your TV and phones. So, if there is any event in the New Testament that we should expect to find in every account about Jesus -- wouldn’t you think it would this one! Read the complete blog at --

Friday, July 6, 2018

“The Real Yeshua” or a “Gentile Jesus”?

I have been involved in this discussion about the Jewish Jesus for almost 30 years now and am amazed at how “Fact-Proof” religious people are. In the mid-1980s when someone on a TV show mentioned “the Jewish Jesus,” it would generate thousands of letters and postcards from people wanting to correct the idiot that said it – “Jesus was a Christian not a Jew!” By 2000, thanks to the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, PBS, etc., the tide shifted and when someone mentioned the “Jewish Jesus” people would say, “Of course Jesus is Jewish.”

The problem is that people seemed to think that “Jewish” was an “ethnic thing”, not a “BS thing.” Oh yeah, BS means Belief System. They talked about a Jewish Jesus, but kept saying that he taught a bunch of “un-Jewish things”! Read the complete blog at --