Monday, December 28, 2020

A Crazy Question Popped Into My Mind: What if Christians Worked Together?

 I am a “numbers guy” who “loves facts.” Amazon delivered “The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2021” to my back porch on Saturday, so you can probably guess how happy that made me. One of the first sections I always visit is the religion section. When I added the new information to what I already knew, this is what I visualized in my mind.


30 CE (Globally)

One Jesus with One Group of Followers.


1970 (Globally)

1,130,000,000 Christians & 18,630 denominations/paradenominations.


2000 (Globally)

1,888,000,000 Christians & 33,820 denominations/paradenominations.


2020 (Globally)

2,545,579,000 Christians & 40,000 denominations/paradenominations.


Next, I checked the number of Christians in America as we prepare to enter 2021.


245,264,000 (73.5% of the Total Population)


As I focused on the trends above, a seemingly crazy question popped into my mind:


What would happen if Christians found ways to work together?


And then another question popped into my mind:


What will happen if they don’t?


Answers to questions like those can be found by Exploring Biblical Heritages. Beginning in January 2021 we will upgrade the information delivery models subscribers to our mail list receive. Our educational emails will include blocks of information:


Easier to understand with more graphics.


That build on each other and create better overviews of history.


Designed to create relationship building and networking opportunities.


We do not live in nice little compartmentalized boxes in which religion, politics, and money occupy independent spaces. They are part of daily life and exist together in billions of neural connections in the human brain. But now two words have ripped holes in the old institutional barriers that divided and polarized Christians for centuries:


Google it!


We are no longer dependent on mutually exclusive institutional sources for religious  (or other) information. Anyone with a smartphone has access to more information than has ever existed before in the history of the world. Our primary goal is to help you find diverse sources of accurate information.


We are entering 2021 with lots of good things working for us –

and one of those things is Exploring Our Biblical Heritages!


May You Have a Happy, Safe & Enlightened 2021!



Jim Myers


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