Thursday, May 14, 2020

Guideline for Discussing the Elephants in the Room

Time Tested for 30 Years

I created this Guideline to resolve conflicts and disagreements that were disrupting Bible studies when I introduced new information that challenged doctrines of our denomination. It transformed those situations into educational opportunities and created a "team mentality."

It established the value of facts,
gave everyone permission to question each other,
and defined the goal of removing errors from our belief systems.

We use it in our educational emails too. I encourage you to adopt and promote it in your Bible studies too. By the way, it also works on Political and Economic Belief Systems too!

I hope you enjoyed this and found it informative. Please share and discuss it with others -- and thank you for reading it.

May Your Life be Blessed with Health, Safety, Completeness and Friends,
Jim Myers

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