Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Jewish and Christian Institutions from the Tabernacle of Moses to Protestantism

I have been tied up updating the Biblical Heritage Center website and I think you will find it easier to use to explore biblical heritages. Today I created the Institutions Page, a hub for information about central institutions of Judaism and Christianity from the Tabernacle of Moses in the 13th century BCE to Protestantism in the 16th century CE. They all played important roles in the evolution of our biblical heritages. As you read each one, think about what you now about it. If you go to the BHC website (CLICK HERE) you will find links to much more information about each one.

Jewish Institutions

● Tabernacle of Moses

● The United Kingdom

● First Temple in Jerusalem

● The Divided Kingdom

● Tel Motza Temple

● Temple at Elephantine

● Second Temple in Jerusalem

● Temple at Leontopolis

● Jewish Sects

● Destruction of the Second Temple

● Rabbinic Judaism

● Humanistic Judaism


● Yeshua Movement (fits in the Jewish timeline after “Jewish Sects”)

● Saul Movement

● Paul Movement

● 2nd & 3rd Century Christian Movements

4th Century Christian Movements

Roman Catholic Church

The Great Schism

Eastern Orthodox Church
Protestant Christianity

As I said above, if you view the following information on the BHC website (CLICK HERE) each of the above has or soon will have links to more information. I hope you found this informative, thank you for reading it.

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