Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Story of Day One

I call the first story in the Bible “The Story of the Kingdom of Life” (Genesis 1:1-2:4a). Because of the powerful religious institutions that have been guardians of Jewish and Christian Scriptures, translations reflect the linguistic structures of the scribes that copied the ancient manuscripts and the authoritarian institutions in charge of the translators.

This is a very ancient story, but it contains universal truths. This is my version of the biblical story written for 21st century Americans without any distracting footnotes. Listen to your feeling, before you try to analyze the words. Your feelings and emotions will alert you to the presence ancient treasures embedded in the text – wisdom principles, values, morals and ideas related to life.

I will upload a BHC Explorers Version of this story soon with footnotes for those who want to dig deeper into the ancient Hebrew text behind my version. Bookmark the “Wisdom Page” because that will be where you find them. Also, your comments and suggestions are welcomed (Click Here to contact me).

The Story of Day One

It is before the beginning of time and the breathing spirit of a god is hovering above the surface of deep shoreless waters in total and complete darkness. In the most lifeless environment one can imagine, the god visualizes a Kingdom of Life. This god is unnamed, but we are told it is a creator that creates by changing things that exist. Only three things exist now – the god, deep waters and total darkness.

The god chooses the darkness to change first. It uses its breath to form and speak these words, “Light exist!And instantly light exists! This light isn’t like the light that comes from the sun, fire or a smartphone. It is the light that comes from the breath of this god.” Think of it is as “the energy of life and the light of enlightenment.” With that breath, life came into existence outside of the god.

This god uses a standard to measure its words and actions. It measures to see if words and actions are “good for life.” In the language of this god, “words and actions that are good for life” are called “TOV.” When the god measured the newly created light – they were found to be TOV, good for life!

Now the god, deep waters, darkness and light exist. The next step in the process of creation is “make clear distinctions between things that exist” and the god does this “by naming them.” The god named lightDay” and darknessNight.” In order for the Kingdom of Life to exist, darkness and light are both needed. They will exist together in perpetual cycles of time.

Each cycle begins with darkness and the beginning of Night is called “evening,” while the beginning of Day is called “morning.” The first cycle has now been completed and it is called “Day Onebecause it marks the first appearance of light. It also marks the creation of time.

I will continue this series in future emails. I hope you found this informative and enjoyed it. Thank you for reading it.

May Your Life be Blessed with Health, Safety, Completeness and Friends,
Jim Myers

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