Thursday, June 11, 2020

How to Create Order in the Midst of Chaos

Chaos is defined as a state of extreme confusion,
disorder and unpredictable behaviors in which chance reigns supreme.

The chaos we are witnessing today in America is driven by “conflicting versions of what reality actually is” – embedded in streams of information people delivered through mass media and social media devices.

Chaos is created through tsunamis of conflicting information. Creating order requires focusing on the specific pieces of information within those waves, identifying what type of information it is and identifying the source of the information.

Making accurate distinctions between types of information
increases certainty and decreases confusion.
As certainty increases chaos decreases.

We are dealing with three types of information:

Fact based information.

Institutional truth based information.

Personal opinions.

Our brains treat all types of information as if they are of identical value, that’s why creating chaos is easy and it spreads like a wildfire through the masses.

Fact based information are statements based on things that anyone with functioning sensory organs can perceive.

Institutional truths are statements backed by institutional authority that are believed to be true.

Personal opinions are statements made by individuals that are not fact based or institutional truths.

Almost all of the chaos we are experiencing today is linked to conflicting “institutional truths” that originated in political, economic and religious institutions. The primary institutional truths generating conflicts and creating chaos today are money, god and rights.
In biblical stories gods are sensory perceived entities, not things that must be “believed in.” In our world, gods are not sensory perceived entities -- groups of people do not see them with their eyes or hear them with their ears. Religious conflicts are really conflicts over “institutional truths about gods.”
Below are a few patterns history has documented many times about people that control religious and political institutions.

They have institutional and personal agendas.

They use both forms of human power – persuasion and physical force -- “to promote and protect their Institutional truths” and “to destroy opposing institutional truths.”

As their institutions gain power and wealth, they invent new stories to legitimize, perpetuate and extend their dominance.

Transparency is an absolute requirement for decreasing chaos.

Commit to making your belief system large enough to include all of the facts, open enough to be examined and questioned, and flexible enough to change when errors or new facts are discovered.

Identify who exercises institutional power.

Identify who benefits from actions of institutions.

Identify who is hurt or harmed by the actions of institutions.

Identify who created the institution and why it was created.

Identify institutions that support it and those that oppose it.

As you discover accurate information, share it with others.

Thank you for reading this. Please share and discuss it with others.

May your life be blessed with an abundance of TOV,
Jim Myers

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