Wednesday, June 2, 2021

What Did Good Mean to Jesus?


As a person with a Christian Biblical Heritage, the words of Jesus have always been very important to me. But I didn’t know that the Hebrew words he spoke were buried beneath many layers of English translations of Greek words from ancient manuscripts of Matthew, Mark and Luke. I was reading Greek words written by scribes translated by English translators, instead of the Hebrew words of Jesus translated into English.


Yeshua, the Jewish Jesus of history, was a very knowledgeable teacher of the Hebrew scrolls of Jewish Scriptures. He used a style of teaching, in which he often “hinted at” things recorded in those scrolls, gave a “commentary” about them, and ended with ways to apply that information in life experiences.


Without an awareness of “those hints,” however, we are unable to “hear his teachings.” But, thanks to the hard work of many scholars from multiple disciplines over the past 150 years, we can now “hear the teachings of Yeshua, the Jewish Jesus of history” again.


A scroll that was very important to Yeshua contained Psalm 34; he “hinted at” sections of it many times. Below are verses 13 and 14.


Keep your tongue from RAH evil,

and your lips from speaking deceit MIRMAH.

Depart from RAH evil and do TOV good;

seek SHALOM peace and pursue it.


TOV” is the Hebrew word translated “good” -- one of the most important words in the English language. “Good” is part of a standard we were taught as very young children – “good / bad.” The meaning of “bad” is dependent upon the meaning of “good.” It is a fact that people subconsciously move towards “good” and away from “bad.” This is what “do good” meant to Yeshua:


Think about, talk about, and do things

that protect lives, preserve lives, make lives more functional,

and increase the quality of life.


If people did those “good” things, would life in America be better or worse?


Would life in your town be better or worse?


Would life in your family be better or worse?


Would your life be better or worse if just you did “good”?


WWJD? He would do good.



Jim Myers


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