Monday, April 13, 2020

Before We Can Have Successful Talks About Beliefs We Must Be Able to Talk About This - We Are All Genetic Creatures!

Beliefs play key roles in dividing people today. One fact has become very clear to me as I studied religious, political and economic belief systems over the past thirty-five years is that beliefs change. Something I didn’t know until a few years ago is that the biology of beliefs doesn’t change.

Until the 21st century, science had not discovered “how people know.” But, today we have a growing body of factual evidence about “how people know” and it is called “The Biology of Beliefs.” “Believing” is a biological process and it is the same in all people. The first step in understanding it is learning what it means to be a genetic creature. Understanding the Biology of Beliefs will play a key role in bringing people together. Continue reading at -

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