Thursday, April 16, 2020

Emerging Successfully from Three Major Storms that Will Soon Dramatically Change America

Before the coronavirus unleashed the most severe health crisis in a century, experts were already focused on preparing for two major storms that will hit America in 2020s. The first storm reappears every fifty years in America’s history. It unleashes a major economic crisis. In every previous cycle, this has been a very painful and wrenching experience for many Americans.

Policies that worked for the previous fifty years stop working and became the cause of significant harm to the society.

As the crisis intensified, what had been regarded as “common sense” is discarded as leaders grasp for straws to save them.

Members of the political elite class insist that nothing is wrong with the economic institutions they created and control. They tell people to just hang on, the “old normal” will return, and the institutions that caused the problems will save them.

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