Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Christians Call it “Charity,” but Jesus Called it “Justice”

 The January 2021 issue of our monthly newsletter, Discovering the Bible and Exploring Our Biblical Heritages, in now online:


Reconnecting Jesus to His Jewish Culture

and Impacting Our Lives in 2021


This is one of the most important newsletters I have written in the past 35 years. It specifically addresses the single most important subject for Christians:




The graphic above provides the answer. If you want to understand it –


Click Here and read the newsletter.


Which would be more important to Jesus:

People doing acts of justice or believing man-made doctrines about him?


How could this “belief change” impact our lives and society:

70% of the American population committed to doing acts of justice?




Thank you for Exploring Our Biblical Heritages. Please share and discuss it with others.



Jim Myers


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