Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Welcome to Exploring Our Biblical Heritages 2021

 America has a big problem! How would you like to live in a society with networks of trusted friends and neighbors – with reliable sources of information? We don’t! That sums up the problem. Levels of trust in this country — in our institutions, in our politics, and in one another — are in precipitous decline. Few people consider the media as reliable news sources. The potential consequences of that toxic mix are well-known:


When social trust collapses, nations fail.


Exploring Biblical Heritages provides a way to deal with both problems. The first step is incorporate the BHC Primary Guideline in your life! It is based on science, not on institutional authority.


(1) My Belief System will be large enough to include all facts.


● Each Explorer focuses first on examining his or her own Belief System.


They learn to make clear distinctions between Beliefs and Facts.


Learning how to consciously label statements as fact-based or belief-based can be used on all information, not just religious beliefs.


(2) My Belief System will be open enough to be examined and questioned.


● Explorers give each other permission to examine their Beliefs and ask questions.


● This creates open safe environments for Explorers to interact.


Asking questions is much better than arguing or defending conflicting beliefs.


● Those questions often lead to future Exploration Tours in which participants work together to find fact-based answers.


(3) My Belief System will be flexible enough to change if errors

or new facts are discovered.


● This increases trust between Explorers.


● It creates Transparency in Belief Systems.


● It is the right thing to do.


I created the Guideline in the late 1980s and I know from personal experience that it transforms mutually exclusive theology-based belief conflicts into mutually inclusive values-based relationships. One thing I have heard from participants over the decades is this:


I wish I could talk to other people the way we do in our meetings!


That is the result of members of the group trusting each other and knowing their decisions are based on reliable information.


Today, over 73.5% of the population of America have Biblical Heritages. We have an amazing opportunity to demonstrate something very important to the remaining 26.5% of the population:


We are willing to create transparency in our Belief Systems

by examining our most trusted Beliefs.


People of every skin color, race, gender and age have Biblical Heritages. Exploring Biblical Heritages creates an amazing opportunity for us to identify beliefs, values and standards we all share!


Bibles are found in homes across America and they are available online for free to everyone. Access to Exploring Biblical Heritages Information is online and free, too at our website.


Let’s make 2021 the year that new networks of trust

and reliable information go viral!



Jim Myers

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